Last weekend I had the privilege of being invited by @Adelaide Techguy -Richard Pascoe -Media Commentator from @FIVEaa radio to have me the @Richard On Radio show.

I had the opportunity to talk about how the Ambient Menu is the directory of eateries, where restaurants and cafes are rated by their ambience, food quality and service. You can listen to the recording HERE


In an overly stimulating world, we help you find an oasis of peace accompanied by great food and service. These places are just waiting to be discovered, so they can help you create memorable moments


Being my first live interview, I admit was nervous. I only briefly covered a few things that may require more details, so here they are:

If you would like to find a quieter eatery where you can hear and see the people you are there to catch up with, now you know how. All we ask is that you pay it forward and leave a review also. The Ambient Menu will only be a success if the people who use it also leave reviews.


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