This Italian restaurant today has been open for only 7 months. The head chef Angelo, his partner and another person are the owners. Hence Trittico.

Angelo was the inspiration for the once great La Trattoria di Roma on Beach Rd, Christies Beach that recently closed, two sad years after Angelo’s departure. We recently found out what he was doing these days, so it was well overdue for us to try his cooking again! We were not disappointed. The Trittico menu contains many of his old specialities plus some new dishes.

We sat down for dinner at an unusually early 5pm, so there were very few diners, but most tables showed β€˜reserved’. We need to return later in the evening to experience the noise level, but from 5-6pm on Saturday it was very quiet.

Background music was background music.

Waiting staff were more numerous than diners until 6pm

The menu was longer than expected and had our old favourites.Β 

For me it was ORECCHIETTE CALABRESE – Italian sausage, pancetta, nydja (spicy salami), broccoli & cream. Call me boring, but when I eat at Angelo’s I order this meal 90% of the time. My wife must be boring too, as she ordered her long-time favourite, RAVIOLI ITALIANI – Ravioli with roasted pumpkin, spinach, and cream.

A couple of Peroni Red and we were set for the evening.

I learned that a trattoria is anΒ Italian-styleΒ eating establishment that is generally much less formal than aΒ ristorante, but more formal than anΒ osteria. This fact explains why it’s a trattoria, i.e., open 6 days a week (except Monday) from 8am to 9pm. Β 

I highly recommend this restaurant as authentically Italian, high-quality food with attentive staff. Perhaps the restaurant should have been called Casa D’Angelo…

To read Tritticos most ambient times as confirmed by Angelo himself, please read their review here:Β Trittico Ristorante Ambient Times

And to drool over their menu, read through it here: Trittico Ristorante

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