Introducing the Ambient Menu. The only restaurant rating webapp that is based on science and research, not just diners opinions.

  1. Diner ratings

After dining in, patrons leave a review based on background noise level, food and service, because those three things are the key ingredient to a memorable evening with friends.

  1. Ambient menu Accreditation

Venues that are consistently rated as low or quiet, are approached by our Acoustic Specialist and offered Ambient Menu Accreditation. This is where the science comes in – we take a wide variety of things into account to ensure you a conversation-friendly dining environment.

  1. How to find your perfect place

Watch this short video, spoken tutorial, or read on for more details:




You can find your perfect place to dine in less than 60 seconds. Here is how:

From this home screen you can search for a venue 6 ways:

  1. Type of cuisine
  2. Name of restaurant
  3. Suburb you are looking in

4. Level of background noise you can tolerate

5. Price

Description of what the ratings mean

6. Ambient Menu Accredited

For example: if you search for ‘quiet’ or ‘low’ level of background noise:


(See Description of ‘Family Friendly’ and ‘Elderly Friendly’ below)

Click on listing to learn more:

Then all you need to do is have a great night out!

Bon Appetite 😉



We asked Kids in Adelaide, and asked them what Family Friendly means to them.

“We don’t have a strict criteria, but it needs to be more than just nuggets and chips thrown on a plate. So it could be:

– Good family value

– Offer Room for prams

– Family toilets and change facilities

– Breastfeeding friendly

– Sensory / quiet areas / times sessions

– Fun menu’s and menu items that appeal to kids

– Healthy kid menus

– Kids eat free

– Kids meal deals

– Playrooms / playgrounds/ games / sand pits / big lawns and roomy outdoor areas

– Affordability

– Novelty kid food / parties / milkshakes etc

– Great service staff that engage with our kids and smile and laugh when our little people spill things.

– Places that offer value adds or little extras for kids

– Fancy babyccinos

– Dietary alternatives

Or….. anything else that catches our eye and would engage families”.


So, there you have it. When looking for, or rating a venue, now you know what we mean when we say ‘Family Friendly’.





Video tutorial

After dining in, please leave a review. Mrs Drex is a hungry girl, but she can’t get to every restaurant in Adelaide so we need your help. The more venues are rated, then we will know which restaurants to approach for Ambient Menu Accreditation. To leave a review you’ll first need to log in.

Sign up for free.

Rate the restaurant based on level of ambience, food and service


And at any time you can return to the home screen by clicking on the top left corner


Thanks for reading, thanks for rating, and thanks for helping the Ambient Menu guide people who struggle to hear speech in background noise, to conversation friendly restaurants.

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