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Jetstar flight to Sunny Coast

📍 JQ804
Dining time allocated 2 ½ hours.

🍽 I ate: Me-time combo; White wine, cheese & crackers + green pitted olives, $18.00

Accessibility: My knees were having a cozy chat with the seat in front of me. The passenger next to me literally got stuck trying to get out of her seat, so I could get into my window seat. Luckily she was nice, there are worse people to be sitting on top of for over two hours 😂

🍽 The food: 🍷🧀 Picture a dinosaur with little arms eating its cheese and crackers, stuffed into its seat, and that sums up the eating part.

But, who needs legroom when you have a glass of vino in hand and this view right? It was a classy picnic in the skies, although a bit salty. But hey, I explained the science behind Sonic Seasoning in my last blog, so go check that out if you missed it! 😉

The service: The staff were friendly and welcoming and made the flight enjoyable. I have always found the staff on all my flights to be incredibly helpful and friendly.

👂 The ambience: lively 🔊. Even if I wanted to talk to my new friend who I was sitting on, we would have struggled due to the background noise.

!!! EAR BUD Q TIP !!!

What one person considers ambience is ‘noise’ to someone else.

The plane was buzzing, and I don’t mean just with excitement, it was the hum of the engines. I find the hum of aeroplanes soothing, I specifically use it to help me sleep, it can also mask the noise of other people’s conversations.

But, if you’re after a quieter spot, head to the front of the plane—it’s the least noisy. And if you can’t afford business class (who can?), aim for the centre in front of the wings as the engines are mounted below them. Oh, and by the way, window seats are 4 decibels louder on average.
As I said ambience is a personal preference, so my pick was over the wing, in the window seat. But the noise level here was consistently 75 decibels. The volume of speech is 60-65 decibels = difficult if you want to talk to the person next to you. But, for me personally on this occasion, I found the plane noise and gentle vibration of the engines soothing, and it rocked me to sleep like a lullaby.

All in all, it was an interesting dining experience. Now I’m off to stretch my legs and drink several litres of water to rehydrate myself.

Bon Appetit



Author: Laura Drexler

Author: Laura Drexler

Creator of Ambient Menu

Masters of Audiology, Bachelor of Health Science

Presenter: Audiology Australia SA Chapter Conference 2023, Flinders University 2023, SA Gerontology Conference SA 2022, Audiology Unchained (Independent Audiology Australia) 2023

Awards: Audiology Australia Internship Award, Flinders University Early Career Alumni Award, Help Awards AMP Healthcare Herp

Written for: SA Life, 50 So What, Grandparents Magazine

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