We are thrilled to announce that Michelle Boyd, has joined the SA Ambient Menu team as our newest food reviewer.
Michelle was interested in food after Home Ec classes in High School but entered into banking instead. After a long career in cheque processing, an opportunity arose for Michelle to change careers. Michelle studied Commercial Cookery at TAFE Regency Park to gain all the technical skills. A stint running her own coffee van and years as a Thermomix® Team Leader led to small business ownership and Yum Hugs.
Yum Hugs is a comfort food gifting service and cooking school. They specialise in creating delicious dishes and sweet treats to give you a hug from the inside. Homemade products with quality ingredients free of preservatives and additives.
Yum Hugs started during Covid when there weren’t any visitors allowed in hospitals or nursing homes etc. Creating yummy sweet treats was a way to provide a hug in a box when physical hugs were restricted. Stating with gift boxes, Yum Hugs has expanded to now include small, intimate hands on cooking classes for the personal touch in food knowledge.
Michelle’s interests include reading cookbooks, watching TV food shows, rom-coms & superhero movies. She is also an active member in South Australian women’s business groups advocating for older women changing careers. Michelle loves eating any kind of food with the only requirement being that it does not include raw bananas and baby corn. But definitely any kind of cake …always cake!
Michelle is a passionate foodie and hearing aid user. She is excited to work with Ambient Menu to provide the sound sensitive community restaurant reviews.
And you can learn more about her own passion project that assist the community, Yum Hugs, here:

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