I would like to introduce you all to Once & Again cafe located at Plympton Park.


This is a truly unique coffee shop. With a strong focus on women’s health, including pregnancy, birthing and parenting, the space is designed to be welcoming and conversation-friendly. In addition, they provide a place to connect and build communities through workshops, gatherings and products.


It is run by a dynamic Mother and Daughter duo. Judy, the owner of the cafe, has a background in early childhood, and she wanted to create a community that is supportive of new families. Her daughter, Christie is a midwife and plans and organises parent and support groups alongside other experts in the field. They focus on pregnancy, birth, parenting, relaxation, and mindfulness.


This community-minded cafe also hosts events and runs pop-up shops for local start-up businesses. In addition, they have associations with the Marion CommunityLife services, Community Living Projects and Disability support. Finally, they support local and broader communities, including artists, authors, musicians and photographers, having hosted art and photographic exhibits and events including Fringe and SALA.


It now includes a collaborative retail space with Oanda The Label, in association with other local retailers and producers that support pregnancy, birthing and parenting with sustainable, eco-friendly and organic products.


They host events that support and inform families about maternal and infant health. In addition, these events offer mentoring and opportunities to engage and connect with others throughout pregnancy, birthing and parenting.


It started as a single room café 6 years ago. Initially as a book cafe and a space to welcome customers and manage events. They expanded 4 years ago to include another area, quickly becoming a space to collaborate with women in business and support their passions. They have blended the two concepts and welcome more young women sharing their business concepts within their space.


They are working with and promote these local SA, handmade, eco-friendly brands: Lief & Little; Little Wild & Green and Sukoo The Label. They regularly share, promote and support other local businesses and work closely with their suppliers. They love seeing the progress others make in the community and small businesses.


Key values:

Commitment and passion in our ‘people.’

Kindness, integrity and respect

Communication and connection

Support for individuals, families, small businesses and the community

Community engagement and relationships


The Ambience


It’s truly a beautiful space, and I’m looking forward to introducing you to the team and their place shortly.


It appealed to me as it is conversation friendly and so supportive of families and the community. It is located on Marion road, with double glazed windows to minimize noise. The second seating area is furnished with curtains and soft furnishings to absorb sound. It is often described as ‘a little oasis in the middle of Marion Road’


I have been there several times, and I love seeing many regular faces dining in. They have created a welcoming space that you will want to visit not just once…but again. I also noticed people talking over their laptops, having business meetings, a student studying in the well-lit corner area. They have created a space to converse, a space to learn, a space to feel welcome, and freedom to connect and be social.


!!! HOT TIP !!!

As an Ambient Menu Accredited venue, I can attest to sitting in the side room if you want easy conversation. It is accredited to seat 6 people around the table and easily converse across it.


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