Have you met John Ross?

John is not only an Ambient Menu ‘Ear Bud’ but the President of CICADA QLD. CICADA QLD’s mission is to promote and provide awareness, rehabilitation support, and opportunities for social engagement in a community encompassing all people with hearing loss, current cochlear implant recipients or those considering a hearing implant, and their friends and family.

CICADA Queensland

John has a professional audio industry background. He has bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, chronic tinnitus and recruitment. He is currently implanted in his right side with a MED-EL Synchrony 2 electrode array and a Sonnet 2 processor. On his left wears a Phonak Hearing Aid.


He is also the voice behind My Cochlear Journey. While awaiting Cochlear Implant surgery, he started vlogging his pre & post-surgery journey.


My Cochlear Journey | Facebook

My Cochlear Journey; You Tube

Oh, and he is also a trained chef. So, as an Ambient Menu Ear Bud, you know he will guide you to delicious food and rely on his acoustics background will when he assists you in finding the best seat in the house.

Thanks for joining the team John. We look forward to reading your reviews.



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